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scared to submit yer poems?

Coming off of several of my own posts about the process of submitting your work (and then thankfully being accepted!) I feel like this is an awesome post to share today. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard that advice to put that one odd poem in your submission. I have to remember to keep trying that.


I’ve been a reader for a #litmag for a  year now. If you are a writer just starting to submit, here’s a few tips from us folks behind the scenes:

  1. If the pub says send up to five poems, send five poems. Not just one or two.
  2. Best poem first.
  3. Put that one poem you feel weird about in there. You never know.
  4. Don’t be clever in the cover letter. Ever. Brief, boring and vaguely nice will suffice.
  5. I don’t care if you have never been published. We would love to be your first.
  6. Long lists of your every publication and award makes me do a little eye roll at this point in the game, which is early.


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