Looking for my work? Here are current places to find it!

If you want to know why I don’t post my work directly on the blog, please read this post.

Online Publications

— Madness! Poetry 2018 Competition:
Round 1: “Symbols of the Seasons” (Link)

— Chantwood Magazine: January 2018 – Issue 12 (Link)
“To Inari”

Madness! Poetry 2017 Competition:
Round 1: “The Trouble with Naming Tornadoes” (Link)

— Underneath the Juniper Tree: Spring Issue – 2013 (Link)
“Following in Daddy’s Footsteps”

Madness! Poetry 2013 Competition:
Round 1: “Teddy Bear Warrior” (Link)
Round 2: “The Architects” (Link)

Print Publications


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