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Down the Submission Rabbit Hole

I made two promises to myself this year after taking the vast majority of last year “off” from creative pursuits due to a host of reasons, including poor health and feeling totally burnt-out and lost.

The first is to finish at least one poem (all edits done, not just a complete draft) every month. So far I have not done this. But I didn’t decide on this goal until halfway through January and I did do work, but much of it was to gear myself and my life up again to being more conducive to having the time and mindspace to write. I know this doesn’t sound like an impressive goal compared to so many poets out there, but its purpose is to create consistency in my creative life. I would like to finish 30-40 things this year, but realistically I am aiming for just one a month.

The second promise was to stop shelling out money to contests and start answering open submissions instead. (There are a small handful of contests I do still enter, but we’ll save that for another post.) Continue reading


Worldwide Post Report: January 2015

I’m a giant fan of anything to do with snail mail and good, old-fashioned, written correspondence. There’s just nothing like having something tangible delivered by post. I find that I write in a very different way when I do so by hand than by keyboard, and I like the me that shows up in ink.

Long term pen pals can be difficult to keep up with, not to mention difficult to find. So many people only like the concept of snail mail for the first few letters before they grow bored with the idea.

Enter postcrossing: the perfect combination of low-commitment and the love of sending letters! Continue reading