About Me

My name is Lissa, and I am a poet.

I’m also a wife, dog momma, and for my day job… I work in insurance. As the office manager it’s up to me to make sure everyone — agent included! — gets things done.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and now I live just miles down the street from where I grew up. I’m a small-town girl, even though my town isn’t so small anymore.

I write poetry for a multitude of reasons. I grew up playing with poetry and wanting to be a novelist, but the more I tried novel-ing the more I began poet-ing instead. (I’m the odd one out in my writing group The Rabid Rainbow Ferret Society.) I like silly things. Dark things. Traditional things. Odd things. I grew up somewhere between Seuss and Poe, if that tells you anything about me.

I use this blog to chat about poetry and books in general, in addition to an assortment of other topics that catch my attention including snail mail/postcrossing, the KonMari method, and the Japanese language and culture. (I also love alliteration. And it happens all the time when I talk or write. Without trying. I’m going to blame Seuss for that one, but I’m okay with it.)

Interested in seeing where you can find my work? Pop on over to my Publications page.

* Life is spontaneous and messy and therefore this blog is sometimes the same. I don’t have a particular schedule I keep to, but I try not to disappear for too long at a time when I do. Don’t give up on me!

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