About Recurring Segments

Blackout Poetry – Blackout poetry is when you take something already written – a page out of a book, a magazine or newspaper article, a sale ad, anything! – and black out all but a few chosen words and phrases to create a poem. You’re limited by the words the previous author had already chosen, and the order in which they were written, but other than that it’s up to you! These are some of my favorite results from giving this exercise a try myself.

KidLit Love – You’ll find brief reviews of picture books here. I particularly review books on writing, creativity, poetry, and occasionally fairy tales and their retellings. I only post positive reviews, so if I read something I don’t like I won’t be talking about it. Feel free to suggest books you think I should check out! This category updates at random as I find books to share.

Worldwide Post Report – I love participating in Postcrossing, a program where you can request the address of someone else in the world at random, mail them a postcard, and once they’ve received it someone else in the world will receive your address! You never know where your mail will be coming from next. Sometimes funds keep me from Postcrossing (international postage can get expensive) but I like to share some of my favorite cards from around the world here. Don’t worry if this category is quiet for awhile. I always get around to posting again whenever I can pick up the habit!

Inspired Asides – A small category that will update at random when I find particular things that really inspire me. I like to share to see what inspires other readers, writers, and creators, and maybe pass along something new that continues that inspiration.

Quest to Tidy – This includes the sub-category “Tidying Your Digital Life”. After reading Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” I began to apply many of her suggestions to my own life, but not always in the way or order she suggests. (That may or may not be smart!) This category is just a place where I talk about my efforts to follow Ms. Kondo’s encouragement and slowly work toward a more organized and happy life.