Christmas Postcards!

Announcement time!!

Last year I wrote a Christmas poem to include in all of the cards I send out to family and friends. I had so much fun doing it that I want to write a small Christmas poem again this year… but I’m going to share it with you too!

If you aren’t already on my Christmas card list and you love snail mail that isn’t asking for money or selling something, then I’d love to send you a Christmas postcard with a poem on it this year.

I’m not putting a limit on how many cards I’ll send out just yet. If the requests are overwhelming I’ll edit this post that I’m no longer accepting addresses for this year when I hit a limit on what I can handle.

I am accepting requests from now through November 30th. International addresses are okay.

(I hope to mail everything the first week of December.)

Please post your name and mailing address in a comment below or email me at if you don’t want the information publicly visible.

Legal/Privacy: I will not be sharing your name or address with anyone. This is simply for the purpose of a one-time postcard mailed to you. Addresses will not be kept afterward.


*Photo by user Jo-B at Pixabay, creative commons usage


The Big Poetry Giveaway! 2015

Happy National Poetry Month! (Also known as, you know, “April”.)

To celebrate awesome poetry (and the first months of this blog), I am participating in the 6th Annual Big Poetry Giveaway. To enter, simply comment with your name and email at the end of the post! I will draw two winners in the first week of May.


I participated in this giveaway last year as an entrant on several blogs, and as a result was lucky enough to win several books of poetry. How do you say no to the chance to discover new (and sometimes old) poets? Because of this giveaway, I have fallen in love with many poets once unknown to me.

This year, with the new blog officially released, I wanted to participate on the side of giving away. Continue reading