Turning Big Dream Goals Into Doable To-Do Lists

Most people use lists at least once in awhile, but they tend to use them for day-to-day goals.

groceriesFor example, I may go to the store with a list that says:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Blueberries
  • Fritos

When I successfully find, purchase, and bring home those things I have completed my list.

When I go to work at the office, I keep a running list for the week and a more particular list for each day. On Wednesdays I run a certain audit and call every customer on it. On Fridays I try to make sure that all customer documents generated over the past week that need mailing are, in fact, in the mail. These are very specific goals I can easily anticipate that take a finite amount of time.

If my housecleaning list says I need to dust and vacuum our main living areas, do up all of the dishes, and clean the bathroom… I know about how long those things take. I can plan the rest of my day around them. I can achieve the items on my list with a pretty high degree of certainty.

The whole point of keeping a to-do list is to maintain focus and therefore achieve goals. But what about the goals not so quickly or surely achieved? Continue reading

My Favorite Christmas Books as a Child

My second love after poetry is probably children’s books. I still own all of the books I had as a child, and yes, I still reread them from time to time, even though there are no little ones of my own in the house yet.

With Christmas just a week away, I wanted to share a few of my holiday/wintertime favorites from when I was growing up.

— Have you read any of them? What were your favorite children’s books for this time of year?

“The Wild Christmas Reindeer” by Jan Brett

61IfUYa58MLTeeka has never been in charge of the reindeer, and this year Santa wants her to be the one to get them ready for Christmas Eve! There’s only one problem: the reindeer are very set in their ways and she has no idea what those ways are. Shouting and yelling only seems to make things worse and so she must figure out a better way to make sure everything is in order by the time Santa’s ready.

(I love the illustrations in this, because it tells two stories. One, the story of Teeka and her efforts to corral the reindeer. The other, the story of the other elves getting ready for Christmas in their own way, told on the outer edge of each page with a countdown to Christmas Eve.) Continue reading