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Me, Em, and Grim: Holiday Undecorating

One of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems is “Because I could not stop for Death”. The concept of personifying Death isn’t new. We see it in religion and mythology, we see it in poetry, we see it in plays. It’s everywhere. Personifying something makes it relatable. Puts us and it on the same level. That’s when we can face it.

For me, there is something special about this version of Death:

“Because I could not stop for Death —
He kindly stopped for me —
The Carriage held but just Ourselves —
And Immortality.”

(You can read the remainder of this poem here.)

I liked the concept of someone so busy living life, that Death paused his own schedule when it was time to fetch them. He sounded like quite the gentleman, really.

Ever since then, I’ve had the idea in my head of Death just dropping by. Not even to end things, but just to check in. To see how it is on the other side. To see what Life is about.

And so it came about that Grim drops by at my place from time to time. We have our adventures, and I thought it might be fun to photograph them along the way. (Grim thinks this is quite the ridiculous plan, but then again he doesn’t understand Life all that well anyway. He’s learning.)

Welcome to the “Me, Em, and Grim” segment of my blog, which will show up whenever Grim has been by. Often our antics are just ordinary life, but is anything really ordinary when Death is your gentleman caller for the day? Continue reading

Starting Fresh


If you are new to following me, thank you for dropping by! I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here. This blog is just getting on its feet, so please give it a bit of time to begin generating the sort of content you can look forward to.

If you have followed me here from a previous blog, I appreciate you making the move with me! I am excited to begin again, and I sincerely hope to bring you something better than before.

Over the last four or five years I have played at blogging, both semi-seriously and for fun. I’ve read so much advice about how to blog, what to blog, who to blog to, and how often to blog that I feel perhaps it was entirely overwhelming and by trying to follow all of the advice, in reality I could follow none of it at all. I’ve been trying to live up to someone else’s standards, and those someones aren’t even people who read my blog.

I’ve created this blog out of the past several years of experience. I have learned what I enjoy and what I am capable of when it comes to blogging. I have renewed focus and purpose, and I am ready to keep learning. This is a place for me to write about writing and poetry in particular, but also glimpses into my thoughts and daily life. It is a place I aim to be professional, yet completely myself at the same time. There will be serious and silly posts both, and I have a few small features I look forward to introducing over the next couple of months.

There is no set schedule for this blog, but I will post at least twice a month, though I am sure most months will see me a bit more active than that.

Your support encourages me. Please follow me on this new journey!