Worldwide Post Report: January 2015

I’m a giant fan of anything to do with snail mail and good, old-fashioned, written correspondence. There’s just nothing like having something tangible delivered by post. I find that I write in a very different way when I do so by hand than by keyboard, and I like the me that shows up in ink.

Long term pen pals can be difficult to keep up with, not to mention difficult to find. So many people only like the concept of snail mail for the first few letters before they grow bored with the idea.

Enter postcrossing: the perfect combination of low-commitment and the love of sending letters!

Postcrossers receive an address from SOMEWHERE in the world; it’s a surprise every time. It is then up to them to send off a postcard to that person, writing a little something on the tiny space allotted. Once the recipient registers the postcard as received, the sender’s address is randomly given out to someone ELSE in the world, who will now post a card back to them in return. The cycle continues.

I have had drawings, weather reports, recipes, favorite musicians/movies, vacation plans/memories, and so much more sent to me on the back of these cards. I love every one of them. I treasure each tiny story and the handwriting in which it is delivered.

I thought it may be fun to share each month’s cards that find their way to my home! I’ve listed on each the country of origin. Tell me, what’s your favorite from this month?

If you’re interested in postcrossing, I highly recommend giving it a go. You can commit as much or as little as you like and take a break if you need to. Check it out here.

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