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I’m throwing all sense or hope of schedules around here out the door and just promising not to forget about my blog for too long at a time. I honestly do enjoy blogging, even if sometimes I struggle with what to say that anyone else may want to read, but sometimes even existing feels like a lot of work and when that happens, things like blogging get put on hold. That’s pretty much been the last 12-15 months for me. And you know what? Existing is hard work and if that’s all you can manage (speaking to everyone now, not just myself) that’s okay! That’s the most important bit. Always continuing on, even if sometimes everything gets put on hold and you work at a snail’s pace to get back to it. Just keep existing.

That being said, I recently went on a writing retreat and wrote a few short journals while there. I’ll be posting those starting next week!

Then in early November I have a fun little announcement to make…

I may blog in bursts, but I’m currently in one, so stick around for the next few posts!



Dealing with Blogging Insecurity

I’m going to admit that I’ve been having a difficult time with blogging lately. I’ve hit the point where I feel like I’m floundering. I want to keep blogging. I absolutely will keep blogging. Most of the time I’m very happy with blogging. But sometimes it is difficult to talk into the void.

It’s so very easy to question myself. Am I saying anything that matters? Am I saying anything that people care about? Am I just spending my time only for people to ignore me entirely? Will I ever get anything out of this blog? (Anything meaning money, publication, connections, friendship, heck a good discussion counts too.)

Then I remember that yes, I have already gotten some things out of this blog. I poured my heart out with my I Remember, I Remember post and love poured back, not just here, but on Facebook as well. All of this was worth it to me in that moment.

Blogging can really dredge up your insecurity, let me tell you. Daniela Uslan sent out an email earlier this month touching on the dark side of blogging. Of getting caught up in stats and formulas and forgetting why you are blogging at all. It made me think about this. It made me think about my little spot of the internet that I have here.

I blog because I have something to say. I know that every time I speak through a post I run the risk that no one will care. I also know I run the chance that someone will. Or a lot of someones. All I can blog about is what is on my mind and hope for the best while (somehow) not doubting my voice or my topics or the way my blog looks or what other people say – or don’t say – or anything else. It can be so very, very overwhelming and stressful. Especially when huddling at the feet of other, very successful bloggers whom you admire.

To anyone who has ever read a post here, thank you.

To anyone who has ever interacted with me here, thank you.

To anyone who will ever drop by in the future, thank you.

You’re my little reminders not to give up on the hard days. Things might be a little quiet around here throughout April and May, but I’m working hard to bring you lots of exciting content of many varieties for the rest of the year. 

Stick around! I’ve spent a year getting my feet under me around here (as well as several years at other blogs previous), and I’m ready to charge forward with new content. If you have particular suggestions of things you’d like to see me blog about, please drop a comment over here to tell me about it and I’ll see what I can do!


Being Productive on a Writing Retreat

One thing I learned over this past week is that I deeply enjoy the companionship of my friends and my adventures with them, but when I work, I work alone.

The great room of our cabin

The great room of our cabin

The cabin where we spent our writer’s retreat was spacious and beautiful. We could more than easily spread out in the great room to cook, eat, write, read, chat, and more. It was a rare time (other than eating) that all five of us were immersed in the same activity, but we could still be silly and carry on conversations and I loved this. However it took me no time at all to realize I could not work in this environment. Continue reading