Fall 2018 Writing Retreat (Journal 3 of 4)

Poor birdie flew into our door and was a bit stunned, but he flew off okay!

It’s the dawn of our last full day here. (Okay, it’s 9:30 am, but it’s the start of my day. This is vacation after all.)

I’m sitting on the front porch in a wooden rocking chair. The sun is beautifully bright reflecting on the surface of the pond and the tiny, rippled waves on the water are soothing to watch. The air is comfortably cool, the breeze is fresh, the bugs are making happy nature-chirps, the cows are starting up their morning chatter in a nearby field, and the wind in the cottonwood next to me sounds like a gently falling rain.

I could stay here for a really long time.

I am eager to see what I accomplish on my last day here at the cabin. Yesterday I wrote a couple of letters and spent some time writing poetry. I finished a new poem and now it is time to tuck it in a drawer for a week or two and see if I’m still pleased with the end result then. (Or close the notebook as it may be. If I leave it in a drawer here I’m out of luck!)

A fish just jumped out of the water! I like the occasional swish-bloop sounds of them jumping. I feel like they snap me back to the present.

I am eager to see what I accomplish today, but I am also at peace with resting and appreciating what is around me. It will be a good day, productive or not.

Most of the RRFS busy reading or writing by the pond


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