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The Quest to Tidy: When Friends Tidy Too

I’m not quite ready to dive back into this project, but I’m getting close. I’m starting to feel the urge to drag out more boxes and search more cabinets and get more done. Taking a creative break has been a beautiful thing… both for creative pursuits and for keeping me from getting completely burnt out on this project.

I’ve been sharing this project with friends and family outside of the blog too. I’ve told them the bits that I’ve liked and didn’t like, and encouraged them to read the book and see if any bit of it might apply to them, helping them create a tidier household. It’s not so much about the mess, but the peace that comes when the mess is gone.

One of my friends recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and tore into her own apartment with gusto. When she finished going through her books, she had four boxes of things to give away. One went with her to work, to let her clients pick through them. The other three came home with me. Continue reading