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The Quest to Tidy (Weeks Five – Ten): When Time Takes Over

So, not only did I fall behind in posting, I fell behind in tidying. Way, way behind. But I’m determined not to let that get to me just yet. (This post catches this project up to real-time, by the way.)
garage saleFirst off… a very successful garage sale was held. The picture above is from Not-My-House, was taken on Day 2, and still doesn’t show everything that was for sale even then. There are multiple bins of clothing behind me and plenty more tables full of odds and ends in the garage.

Everyone involved made money, got rid of many things taking up too much room in our homes, and at the end of the day… everything left was donated to a local thrift charity who came and picked it all up.

The following weekend was the 4th of July. We celebrated with fireworks and grilled food at our house on the 2nd, the hubby and I watched the city’s display from atop a hill a mile away on the 3rd, and I camped on our own front porch on the 4th. Our next door neighbors own a fireworks stand and the neighborhood lights up beautifully every year.

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