Worldwide Post Report: August & September 2016

Time for a few new favorite postcards I’ve received over the last two months!

postcard from germanyThis card hails from Germany. The lady who sent it my way says that this is a very famous bridge in the city where she lives. (She also said that at the time of writing she was off for a girl’s weekend. My, how I envy her!) What you can’t tell from the picture is the lovely, slightly weathered texture of the thick paper. This card doesn’t look fresh and new and I love that about it.

postcard from russiaThe most brightly colorful of my recent favorites is from Russia. I love the ocean dearly, and I love the illustration style on this card. I want to know what, or who, this girl is waiting for. The sender tells me it’s a scene from the book “Crimson Sails” by Alexander Grin. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on an English translation, do tell! I’m told it is about “love, dreams, hope and sea” so I’m sold. 

postcard from malaysiaAnother older-looking card, this one from Malaysia. The reverse side of it looks like lovely old parchment, but the card is slick to the touch. I really like getting old photos, or even those that are just done in an older style, even when the card itself isn’t vintage. The sender tells me they like to bake and do so most when it is late at night. Sounds just like me!

postcard from netherlandsThis final one is from the Netherlands. Water again. A theme this time? This card is so soft! It was unexpected, but makes it stand out from the rest even more. The lady who sent this one tells me that she can see the ships passing by her home from her living room window! What an amazing view that must be.

Do you have a favorite from these four? Have you received any mail in the last month or two that was an exciting departure from the junk mail and bills?


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