End of November 2015 Review

I did not hit all of my final goals for last month, but seeing as it was the first month in a very long time in which I attempted some form of focus, I’d say I did decently well.

5/10 blog posts
1/5 poems
5/2 submissions

I did do more writing for the blog and on poetry than the above suggests since the count only reflects things that were completed. I’ll take it. It’s been a rough month. This month I’ve battled depression and ended the month with grief. But that’s for another post. When I can collect my thoughts.

I hope to do some more writing through December, but I think most of my focus will be on Christmas cards and catching up on a few letters to send. December is always a busy month for me for many reasons, so while I’ll not set all my work to the side, I don’t anticipate having much time for it.

I need to learn the magical balance for day job, house chores, blogging/poetry, Christmas festivities, and language lessons. Or, you know, enough balance that all of those things properly get attention at least!


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